Moto Tour Patagonia is the best option to go tour the Patagonia on a motorcycle. We see ourselves as nature and motorcycle lovers. That’s why we want to infect you with our adventurous spirit and bring you closer to experience that perfect combination of travelling the southern paradise on two wheels while riding amidst the scenic landscapes that leave every traveler absorbed.


Juan is an excellent host.

“Without having previous experience in motorcycle trips, he offered us a flawless adventure in even the smallest details. He instructed us with the necessary tricks for the different types of routes. We arrived as novices and we left almost like experts“. 

César Carro

This is perfection.

“Excellent advice, he puts together the whole trip if you want, human warmth, first-class service always no matter where you are. He takes the bikes if you cannot go to the store, excellent prices, ran by its owner. The truth is that Moto Rent is from another planet“. 

Celedonio Vila


“We did the double crossing to Chile with Juan as a guide. A great group and a properly organized tour with time to enjoy the views or take a break. 100% recommended!”“. 

Agustín Perini